A myriad of innovative concepts


High-tech fashion emissary, Avantex Paris will welcome for its 7th edition many disruptive innovation players.
On the menu: 3D prototyping, Big Data, 3D printing demonstration and product launch of a revolutionary coloring system.

- Great return of the Swedish Coloreel, with its innovative technology to instantly color high-quality textile yarns with a fastening system for embroidery machines.
Embroline, which will be launched at Avantex Paris, is the first product to be developed on this groundbreaking technology that works with any existing industrial embroidery machine.

By instantly coloring a white base thread during the embroidery production, Coloreel enables complete freedom to create unique embroideries without any limitations in the use of colors.

Optitex, an American company offering integrated software solutions for the textile industry (3D virtual prototyping, modeling…).
Member of the EFI Group, a digital transformation leader in the textile sector, Optitex is revolutionizing the way fashion is conceived: its solutions allow to optimize garment design by simulating the appearance and movement sof fabrics on virtual models, before the creation of the first material part.

Retviews : Belgian company whose Big Data-oriented solution compares your offer with that of your main competitors. By analyzing data from different retailers in your market, Retviews provides you with accurate, real-time information about your competitors' prices, discounts, bestsellers or assortments.

Quatrecarre is a consulting agency in additive manufacturing based in Paris. They advise schools, design studios, SME as well as large industrial groups at each step of their 3D printing project. Whether they install a corporate FabLab at the customer’s site or subcontracting production, quatrecarre’s goal is to improve the flexibility of prototyping and production processes so everyone can innovate in a simple, fast and sustainable way.

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