Conferences & Round tables overview


Here is an overview of Avantex's conferences and round tables program.
The complete program, including location and schedules, will be released very soon.

1/ Digital Textile Micofactories as an answer to market demands for local production and responsive supply chains:

  • Christian Kaiser – Project Management & Senior Researcher at German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf. Employed at the DITF Denkendorf at the Center for Mangement Research since 2012   

  • Romain POUZOL – Founder of quatrecarre, a consulting agency in additive manufacturing based in Paris. They advise schools, design studios, SME as well as large industrial groups at each step of their 3D printing project.

  • Michael Nothelfer - Chief executive officer of Caddon printing & imaging GmbH since 1988 until now. The focus of Caddon is the multispectral measurement technology

  • Thomas Brinkhoff - Has held various positions at Dürkopp Adler since 1994. He is therefore director of marketing and product management at Europe's largest manufacturer of industrial sewing machines.

The ecological dimension of innovative materials & processes

  • Elodie Ternaux- Author, engineer and designer co-founder of Hyloh, a group of materials specialists.
    She is the author of several books, including Materiology, the most important materials and technologies for designers and Industry of Nature, another approach to ecology.

  • Mara Poggio - R&D engineer responsible for the development of sustainable development activity at CETI, an international training organization dedicated to textile innovation

  • Brice Auckenthaler – Founder of expertsconsulting, one of the first consulting firm specialized in prospective trends and innovation. In 2011 expertsconsulting became Tilt ideas. The three Tilt ideas expertises are : expertise, culture and organization.

  • Maud Hardy - Economic Circular Director of ECO TLC, an eco-organization that promotes the recovery and valorization of used Textiles, Linens and Footwear (TLC), in response to the environmental challenges of waste prevention and natural resources preservation.

Eco-prints and eco-dyes : techniques for the future?

  • Jérémie Blache - co-founder of PILI, a start-up manufacturing pigments and dyes without chemicals, using natural dyes from micro-organisms.

  • Aurelia Wolff - Textile designer specialized in vegetable dyes.
    Firstly through the woman fashion with ROSA TAPIOCA, today with WHOLE, a creation and and textile production studio specialized in vegetable dyes.

  • Elise Hallab - Designer graduated from the National School of Visual Arts of La Cambre, the School of Fine Arts of Nantes Métropole and the EESAB (Brittany European School of Art), Elise Hallab screen printing workshops with natural dyeing

  • Clément Bottier - Specialist of natural dyeing and teacher at the DSAA Innovation textile of Olivier de Serres.

Fashion brands and influencers: the models to follow

  • Ertan ANADOL - Founder of Tanke, a creative influencer agency that helps brands like L'Oreal, JM Weston, Calvin Klein, Guess, Ubisoft, eBay, Warner Bros to imagine, create and deploy their Influence strategies in France and internationally.

  • Franziska Müller von der Ahé - journalist, media scientist, CEO and Co-Founder of Glutamat is a communication agency with an emphasis on digital content creation and storytelling strategies for brands and publishers. Glutamat is happy to work with partners like NIKE, RedBull, Daimler or Condé Nast.

  • Johanna Lifschutz - After a career in public relations with Xavier Brunet, she founded JLINK in 2013 with the ambition to advise all brands on their "Influence" strategies.

The R3iLab, precursor of Immaterial Innovation for the industry, will present us some exemplary programs.
A mix of companies, engineers, designers, inventors and craftsmans is to be expected:

  • Amaury Poudray
  • Gregoire Guyon
  • Luc Dognin
  • Antoine Vaesken
  • Hubert Federspiel
  • Clara Hardy

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