Countless innovative protagonists

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Avantex Paris, the 1st international tradeshow dedicated to the innovation in the textile and Fashion industry, will showcase many innovative concepts from conception to retail:

  • The Swedish Coloreel, and its innovative technology to instantly color high-quality textile yarns with a fastening system for embroidery machines.
    Be sure to attend the product launch of Embroline, at Avantex Paris
    Embroline’s groundbreaking technology works with any existing industrial embroidery machine and therefore enables complete freedom to create unique embroideries, without any limitations in the use of colors!
    Hall 4 - Booth Z428
  • Sizomatic, and their sizofit® technology that revolutionizes the shopping experience for clothing, both retail and online. A full-body scanner allows the customer to be measured independently and confidentially ; The App, in which the customer's measurements are uploaded, are used to compare with the data of clothing articles via a barcode reader.
    The customer is provided with recommendations for the perfect clothes size, he therefore knows if it would fit, without having to try it on!
    Hall 4 - Booth Y431

  • Retviews : Belgian company whose Big Data-oriented solution offers real-time market studies for the Fashion Industry: it compares your offer with that of your main competitors. By analyzing data from different retailers in your market, Retviews delivers insights enabling buyers to successfully build and market their assortments.
    Hall 4 - Booth Z437
  • Quatrecarre is a Paris based consulting agency in additive manufacturing based in Paris. They advise schools, design studios, SME as well as large industrial groups at each step of their 3D printing project. Whether they install a corporate FabLab at the customer’s site or subcontracting production, Quatrecarre’s goal is to improve the flexibility of prototyping and production processes so everyone can innovate in a simple, fast and sustainable way.
    Hall 4 - Booth Z433
  • Lelab4 will present its newest virtual store concept: a platform that facilitates access to the market with a three-part service package. Lelab4 offers three stages of “hyper-personalisation”, aimed at creating the most competitive product possible. Based on a technical or fashion drawing, Lelab4 constructs the pattern in a 3D view and creates files with an exact list of the materials required for the production along with precise manufacturing instructions.
    3D technologies, virtualization, personalization tools and PR events are all integrated.
    Hall 4 - Booth W437

Textile machinery experts:

  • Kornit Digital Europe GmbH, based in Dusseldorf. They supply digital textile printing machines to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. They have revolutionized the Direct-to-Fabric (roll-to-roll) textile printing industry: digital printing with a single ink set onto multiple types of fabric, with no additional finishing processes.
    Developed in-house by their expert team of chemistry professionals, the patented NeoPigment™ Ink family of DTG and roll-to-roll pigments allows you to print any design, in any number of colors, at any level of detail.
    Hall 4 - Booth W435
  • Cortex, a Lyon-based (France) company specialized in design and construction of textile machines.
    Cortex will present samples from its brand new eco-friendly folding machine, the PK, able to handle more than 130 colors!
    Hall 4 - Booth X430

Smart fabrics specialists:

  • PYRATES is a Swiss high-end performance streetwear brand and a smart fabrics supplier.
    They have developed a range of 5 different smart fabrics, at the core of which are natural active fibres with caring properties for the skin and the body, such as blood circulation improvement, muscle relaxation, skin moisture improvement, skin cells regeneration or boosting the immune system, among others.
    PYRATEX properties do not expire and do not require any special treatments when it comes to washing!
    Hall 4 - Booth Z438

  • INDUO (France): with two years of intensive research at the European Center of Innovative Technology (CETI), INDUO’s fabric offers both repellency and breathability: liquids aren’t absorbed by the fabric and the cotton disperses perspiration to prevent underarm rings and odours.
    Their fabrics are qualified as “workwear as efficient as sportswear”.
    Hall 4 - Booth Z438
  • Ecolot Textile is a fashion and functional fabrics sourcing institution that sources various kind of materials from China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The establishment of Ecolot Textile is to further strengthen multiple geographical sourcing advantage and fulfill material localization in order to offer the excellent pricing and saving delivery time to their clients.
    Hall 4 - Booth X429

Technological advancement protagonists: universities, research centers, institutes…

  • AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute): it combines creative innovation with technical know-how, AMFI offers a very complete fashion program that makes the reputation of its students: recently, Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh (a former AMFI student) were just named artistic directors at Nina Ricci.
    Hall 4 - Booth yy434
  • The CETI (European Center for Innovative Textiles) will showcase their brand new future apparel experience concept: a place that captures the momentum of the 4.0 industry by encouraging discovery and experimentation. It offers new tools to help create new products, transform the “RETAIL” experience and help fashion, luxury and professional-equipment companies evolve.
    Hall 4 - Booth yy425 & X438
  • KITECH (Korea Institute of ​​Industrial Technology): an institute focused on both Digital printing and ‘Smart dyeing’ research. Especially, ‘Smart Textronics (Textiles + Electronics)’ is their major research field and they have been cooperating with ITA (Institute for Textile Technology under RWTH Aachen University) through establishing joint search centers in Korea and Germany (Smart Textronics Center).
    Hall 4 - Booth W431

Without forgetting the contests winners:

  • Coco & Rico, the 100% French textile design workshop, whose values ​​revolve around ethics and quality. Winner of the Avantex Fashion Pitch 2nd edition, you will find Coco & Rico on their booth and on stage for a catwalk where they will present designer pieces, made by their care.
    Hall 4 - Booth W433
  • Eclort, who won the Avantex prize at Dinan's Festival,  is a creative streetwear brand that uses technical materials, ultra-colorful patterns and diversions are in the spotlight to highlight the fun, challenging and committed background of the brand. Eclort defends the Made in France, therefore ensuring some quality products that favor local employment with the less ecological footprint.
    Hall 4 - Booth W429

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