Animations Avantex

High-tech fashion emissary, Avantex Paris will welcome for its 8th edition many disruptive innovation players. They will present their latest creations through numerous animations: living materials, augmented reality, interdisciplinary research, 3D printing, 3D styling against the industry waste.

  • A Zero Waste Fashion Designers area will be set-up in order to showcase some innovative model-making solutions to fight against production waste! An initiative led by a collective of designers brought together by the French brand MILAN AV-JC, already famous for its smart way of using 3D prototyping in order to achieve zero waste!
    Creations made from this innovative technique will be revealed on the catwalk area.

Participants: Mylène L'Orguilloux - MILAN AV-JC // Danielle Elsener - Decode- // Emma Chrurchill - Emroce // Camilla Carrara - ZeroBarracento // Elena Ryleeva - EWST fashionlab // Marie Labarelle // Nastasia Nash // Benjamin Cmy - HODEÏ. 

  • La FashionTech association will partner with Quatrecarre agency to present a “3D printing in the service of fashion” topic, thanks to 5 emblematic designers: Armine Ohanyan, Marisa Garnier, Miss 3D, the Lazaare brand and the studIOTech.s
  • Tô&Guy will exclusively present its new concept that promotes co-creation, with a selection of masterpieces by famous illustrators and painters to be found on their latest augmented reality app, available on both IOS and Android.
    This co-creation is based on a micro factory that Tô&Guy has just set up in Vietnam, producing on demand and "just in time". Achievements to be seen in motion during the Tô&Guy catwalk.
  • Meet ESMOD, CETI & TECHTERA in a common space, a real technological competitiveness cluster that carries a collective message: sustainable development applied to the specificities of each core business in the fashion and textile industry. The value chain will be gathered from end to end.

After welcoming the AMFI (Netherlands) and AALTO (Finland) schools in the previous edition, Avantex Paris develop its focus on Northern Europe, more than proactive in terms of fashion-tech design: 

  • Marina Toeters (By-Wire), organizer of the exhibition "Fashion? Future design for the present" at the Dutch Design Week, will present a selection of pieces at the forefront of Dutch fashion, to be found during a dedicated catwalk.
  • Future Makers, the ArtEZ University of the Arts expertise center, will organize a collaborative conversation over the future of living materials:

The ArtEZ Centre of Expertise Future Makers aims an interdisciplinary research approach to improve or develop sustainable value chains in fashion and design. The Future of Living Materials project is an excellent example in which scientists from different disciplines (plant sciences, consumer behaviour, circular business models, cultural studies) collaborate with designers who are exploring the possibilities of biomaterials like seaweed and mycelium. In this round-table setting scientists and designers involved in this project will discuss the challenges to have real impact on the production and use of textile and clothing.

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