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The Fairyland for Fashion 10-13/02/2020, Le Bourget, Paris

10 Feb 2020

As the strategic hub for the fashion industries, The Fairyland for Fashion groups the Messe Frankfurt France’s six key trade fairs. They are dedicated to fabrics and materials, to garment production, textile innovation, clothing and accessories

As the foremost trade fair to focus on technologies and sustainable development serving fashion, at this tenth session of the show, Avantex Paris showcases some of the most innovative solutions relating to fabrics, materials, components or products and services.

Constituting a key event on the fashion calendar, the six shows that go to make up The Fairyland for Fashion – Apparel Sourcing Paris, Avantex Paris, Leatherworld Paris, Shawls&Scarves Paris, Texworld Paris et Texworld Denim Paris – showcase in one central place a thousand exhibitors, representing the essentials for global sourcing for fashion labels, from ready-to-wear to luxury items. They provide unique insights into what the future holds for the textile and clothing sectors.

Messe Frankfurt France has complete confidence in its partners and visitors. It has taken the decision to hold this February’s show despite the unusual international situation. All our teams will do their utmost to make sure our trade events go smoothly while keeping a close watch on the situation and following recommendations from the French authorities.

Special-interest circuits to make searches easier
Once again this year, several special-interest circuits will be organised to simplify visitors’ searches and to make prime contractors’ work more efficient at all the shows in The Fairyland for Fashion. The “Small Quantities” circuit includes exhibitors who offer premium fabrics (between 50 m and 100 m) or short runs of finished products for orders for fewer than 100 items (or under €1000 for Leatherworld). Real added value for designers who are on the lookout for short runs or for capsule collections. The “Artisan” circuit introduced last February will be enlarged with a selection of companies representing the best traditional skills to be found. Exhibitors from all over the world will demonstrate their expertise in fields as varied as embroidery, brocade, silk, fashion accessories and even hand-woven fabrics.
The Sustainable Sourcing circuit was designed in response to a growing demand from the market. It will group together an assortment of almost 80 suppliers who will be showing fabrics with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Organic Exchange, Bluesign, SA8000 or WRAP certifications, as part of a very comprehensive choice of ranges and materials. Special signage has been planned in order to help visitors identify the extra environmental value offered by exhibitors, depending on whether it relates to eco-friendly or bio-based materials, environmentally friendly processes or certified social standards and fair trade, or all of these advantages together (eco-friendly materials and procedures plus social standards).

TEXWORLD PARIS 10-13/2/2020, Le Bourget, Paris
The 46th Texworld Paris asserts its position as a strategic hub for the fashion industries, with the attendance of all the fashion professionals, and prime contractors searching for fabrics, trimmings and clothing expertise in addition to comprehensive ranges of fabrics, trimmings and materials . 

Doorway to the world
With exhibitors from almost 25 countries spread over 14 segments, Texworld Paris represents an genuine international showcase that is an unmissable event. This doorway to the world is again perfectly illustrated by the large national pavilions, whose exhibitors have come to showcase the skills and special characteristics of the countries that are so essential for planning international sourcing. 

This is the case with Turkey, which this year will combine the offers from thirty manufacturers over a floor space of more than 500 sqm. This is a first, made possible by the involvement of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, and will again further underline the potential that this great textile and clothesproducing country offers, further demonstrated by the ranges 70% of which are from new professionals with cutting-edge skills. 

Korea will also have its own pavilion with fifty companies, from all segments across the board and grouped at the instigation of the Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI) and the Korea Textile Center (KTC). You will be able discover exquisitely crafted wool and cotton knits from Mira Corporation (stand S424). TEXPROCIL, the Indian Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council will be hosting some twenty companies under its umbrella. 

Exceptional sourcing in the ELITE area
Texworld Paris, endeavouring as always to improve efficiency and simplify the itineraries for buyers, has this year again grouped a selection of companies. They were chosen for their performance in terms of quality, competitiveness, responsiveness and services aimed at the major global designer labels. The ELITE segment hosts an assortment of exhibitors from Bangladesh, India, the Lebanon, Pakistan, the Netherlands, Taiwan and Turkey, who all have the capacity to provide a response for the most cutting edge and demanding markets.
This special area, with a backdrop designed by Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, and realised by the techno-designer Oliver Lapidus, has grown to become a real point of reference. A perfect match for the Texworld Paris ecosystem, it serves the role of a catalyst for professionals by setting points of reference in the nerve centre that each new session of Messe Frankfurt France’s trade shows represents.

Insights, trends and prospects
This year once again, the trade fairs grouped under The Fairyland for Fashion have outdone themselves in shining a light on the major issues that currently face the industry and providing visitors with insights into market changes and the trends in demand. The artistic directors at Texworld Paris, Louis Gérin and Grégory Lamaud, have demonstrated their imaginative flair and set the scene depicting the broad outlines of the fashions for spring/summer 2021. This also represents a creative springboard that draws from nature, which, although challenged, has again become all-powerful, through four main movements: respiration, contemplation, self-denial and evolution.
Conceived of as a book for inspiration – materials and colours – the Trendbook Contre-Temps or Alternative Trendbook provides extra inspiration and stimulation for the four Trends Forum spaces found at the heart of the shows. They propose the most detailed interpretation possible taken from this.. A fifth space, designed according to the topic of Unifying Sustainability, will serve as an introduction and will put things in perspective at the entrance to Hall 4.

The Alternative Trend book concerns all the shows at the Fairyland for Fashion. It is available to download free here:

APPAREL SOURCING PARIS and SHAWLS&SCARVES PARIS – 10- 13/02/2020, Le Bourget, Paris
On the occasion of its 18th show, the largest European trade fair for global sourcing asserts its position as a leading show and an unmissable event for professionals from the clothing and textile accessories sectors.

Mongolia, Ukraine...: an expanded international offer
Once again this year, Apparel Sourcing will be assembling a comprehensive selection that is representative of the global offer: alongside China, Bangladesh and Pakistan, which remain an unmissable focus of interest, several other countries have sparked interest with their attendance. For instance, this will be the first time that Mongolia has a national pavilion in Hall 2 (stand J130), between Apparel Sourcing Paris and Shawls & Scarves Paris. The pavilion will group fifteen companies whose skills you will want to discover, such as the specialists for clothes in yak and camel calf wool, an interesting alternative to cashmere.
A possible sign of a revival of proximity sourcing, three Ukrainian countries, backed by the Canada-Ukraine Trade & Investment Support Project, will be sharing a space this year under the banner of “Made in Ukraine” (stand M083). There, visitors will find quality lines of products, in particular multibrands for women and childrenswear, such as Jenadin, a producer of knit sweaters, which will be displaying its expertise at the trade fair and at its catwalk show on Wednesday 12 February at 11.30 in the catwalk area.

A overall view of textile clothing production
The February show champions the clothing producers from Bangladesh once again. With a high reputation for their clothing production in casual wear and sportswear, they will be exhibiting together in a shared space at the initiative of the national Export Promotion Bureau. The same applies to Pakistan, a preeminent exhibitor at The Fairyland for Fashion, whose ranges can mostly be seen at Apparel Sourcing Paris. Ethiopia is also returning and will occupy a dedicated space covering 70 sqm at the edge of Texworld Paris (stand G130). 

Shawls&Scarves Paris focusses on the lines from manufacturers of textile accessories for the upper body, from the shoulders to head. The February show benefits again from the fresh interest in fashion accessories and has the added advantage of reinforcement from the Mongolian manufacturers, who are renowned for their traditional skills with cashmere products (scarves, shawls, wraps), but also with alternative raw materials such as yak wool. Other first-time exhibitors to note are the manufacturer of scarves from Hong Kong, BB Makers (stand K047) and RGC from India (stand L040), who will be presenting a wide range of ties and headscarves.

Ton to Ton: BK Bags recycles discarded plastic 
A specialist in the manufacture of eco-friendly, re-usable bags and packaging for brands, BK Bags (stand J039)will be launching its Ton to Ton product line at the show. This solution was designed to help reduce marine waste and uses environmentally friendly processes to treat discarded plastic, single-use plastic with little value that cannot be recycled. The principle is simple: for each ton of plastic generated by a business to manufacture its products, Ton to Ton recovers an equivalent weight in discarded plastic that comes from land sources in order to convert it to fuel (RDF), preventing it from becoming marine waste at some point. You can learn all about this solution from Asia at the show. 

AVANTEX PARIS, 10 to 13 February 2020 in Paris Le Bourget

Smart textiles in the industrial age
This session of Avantex Paris may the beginning of the industrial age for smart textiles. The international businesses at the show include several that will indeed be presenting actual interpretations of yesterday’s prototypes. This is the case for the manufacturer of LEDs Effulgent (Stand Y430), which will be exhibiting LED solutions that have been integrated into crystals developed in collaboration with Swarovski. Similarly, the French design consultancy E&T Symbiose (Stand Z429) will be showcasing its new collection of smart textiles, which have been developed for smart workwear. They have been made energy self-sufficient using piezoelectric sensors. Where the retail domain is concerned, Smart Pixels (Stand Z432A), the winner of the Avantex Paris Fashion Pitch in September 2019, will present its customisation solutions based on augmented reality. And last but not least, still in the retail sector, renewed attendance by Tô&Guy and its LeLab4 platform (Stand Y432). They are offering an entire range of services and tools for on-demand personalisation for young brands and designers.

These four firms, all waiting to be discovered, will be presenting the Innovation Keynotes at the Avantex Agora in Hall 4:
• Personalisation, play and augmented reality, a smart app by lelab4 with Guy Bernier, Lelab4 – Monday 10/02/20 12.00-12.30.
• How is 3D transforming the retail experience in the luxury sector? by Caroline Platz + Marie Guilloton, SmartPixels – Monday 10/02/20 14.30-15.00.
• Virtualisation and intelligent textiles: symbiosis to serve new requirements by Alexandre Mortier + Angélique Knockaert, E&T Symbiose – Monday 10/02/20 15.30-16.00.
• Wearables: crystal LED and LED fibre, vision, challenges and market by Daniel Lee, Effulgent – Monday 10/02/20 16.30-17.00.

FashionTech at Avantex Paris
Avantex Paris hosts, as it does every year, a selection of promising start-ups that have been chosen by FashionTech (Stand W436), one of the show’s partners. This year the stand groups several promising start-ups, with the emphasis on sustainable development, such as that proposed by the textile designer Marie Vinter, who will present Valk, a new, 100% biodegradable material, made from proteins and whose properties are especially interesting for fashion as an alternative petroleum by-product. Uno Apparel will be showcasing its range of bags, clothing, heat-generating clothing and smart clothing fitted with NFC chips, which were designed using innovative materials that are hard-wearing and completely recyclable. When it comes to smart retail, Sizease was chosen for its profiling solution that allows consumers to measure and share their clothes and shoe sizes to make online shopping easier. 

Networking innovation at the ELIIT project
The ELITT project is supported by the Spanish research institute AITEX and with funding from the European Union as part of the project to improve competitiveness for businesses and SMEs. It offers support for collaboration between SMEs in the textile, clothing, leather and footwear sectors (TCLF) and European technology centres. Its goal is to promote the use of innovative technological solutions to improve competitiveness, integration of innovations in the value chain and the creation of new products and services with high added value. The project will be presented by Korina Molla, from AITEX on Wednesday, 12 February from 16.30 to 17.00 at the Avantex Agora in Hall 4 and followed by an evening networking event. 

TEXWORLD DENIM PARIS 10-13/2/2020, Le Bourget, Paris
Reputed among international buyers for its very diverse selection of textiles and for the clothing manufacturers specialising in denim, and this all in one and the same place, this eighth show is being held under the banner of the major players in this vertical industry. Top producer countries such as Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh will be attending. This year the fair will also be welcoming a new exhibitor, the Indian firm Jindal World Wide (stand C156), which has backing from Texprocil (The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council) that offers Indian firms assistance in exporting. 

A sustainable sourcing circuit that keeps on growing
Always attentive to the market expectations of buyers, Texworld Denim Paris is again putting the spotlight on sustainable development. Following on from last year, sustainable development will again be a special focus at the fair with the return of the Denim Trend Café, run by one of Messe Frankfurt’s partners, the sourcing agency FOURSOURCE. Once more, the focus will be on sustainable development with the attendance of OEKO-TEX®, which will be supporting this event. Their representatives will be on hand throughout the fair to answer all your questions relating to certification and they will be presenting the organisation and its remit which is to guarantee the quality of textiles. This label provides a certification system for all stages in the textile value chain that allows companies to ensure their products are free from potentially harmful substances. Given the increasing number of companies joining the “Sustainable Sourcing” circuit at Texworld Denim Paris – now making 17% of our exhibitors – the partnership with OEKO-TEX® comes at just the right time. 

LEATHERWORLD PARIS 10-13/2/2020, Le Bourget, Paris
This international trade fair dedicated to leather, natural animal-based, manmade or synthetic materials for the clothing and accessories sectors will be celebrating its fourth session.

This year, the products and materials on offer will include exotic leather and finished and semi-finished items (clothing, traditional leather goods, fashion accessories, handbags, wallets and briefcases) made from leather or leather alternatives, not forgetting synthetic fur. The lines of products at the show remain more specifically targeted towards the sectors for leather goods, footwear, gloves and articles made of skin or fur.
Leatherworld Paris is a reflection of the global leather industry, hosting a comprehensive selection of exhibitors with a wealth of skills, who come from leading countries in the sector, such as China, India, Turkey and Pakistan. Firms to look out for this year include Hong Kong Kin Hing Handbag (stand M018) with its range of handbags, clutches and accessories made from leather alternatives and Global Leathers Private Limited (stand L023), an Indian manufacturer of leather accessories. Visitors will also be able to explore the numerous stands presenting handbags and small leather goods. 

Exchange ideas, share knowledge and discover new products and trends
Throughout the The Fairyland for Fashion shows, meetings, lectures and round tables will complement the product lines on display at the show, by starting up discussions on current topics, on creative trends (with the show’s artistic directors), on consumption (with the Pantone studio) or textile innovations as well. Catwalk shows will allow people to discover the collections shown by the exhibitors “live”. Opportunities to share ideas, in fact, with the introductory morning organised at the show for and with students from major French and British fashion schools – Mode Estah, AICP (Académie Internationale de Coupe de Paris) and The University of East London – who have been invited to learn about the professional universe at Texworld; these young people, “tomorrow’s buyers” who Messe Frankfurt wants to familiarise with the sector, will meet up with exhibitors, take part in lectures specially arranged for them and will assist in the catwalk shows during the day. The programme of lectures and catwalk shows is available on the website for the Messe Frankfurt France’ shows.

Sourcing and creativity for students from LISAA
Following the experience with students from HEAR in 2019, Messe Frankfurt France has another innovative idea, this time offering an original collaboration with students from the LISAA (L’Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués) fashion school. Students from the school should take their inspiration from 110 items of clothing at the trade shows and create unique designs. After this “live” sourcing, they will have four months to complete their own creative work, which will count towards their final year course. The best items of clothing from these future professionals will be exhibited at the next show in September. 

The President of Messe Frankfurt France is handing over responsibility for organising the French trade fairs to Frédéric Bougeard.
Michael Scherpe has been at the helm of Messe Frankfurt France since it was established in 2002. He has been instrumental in building up a company that today has 25 employees and a turnover of 28 million euros. The current president will still continue to manage the independent sales office for Messe Frankfurt in France, which he took on in 1981. He is therefore handing over organisation of the Paris events for the fashion industries to Frédéric Bougeard, the new director of the French subsidiary. As the former head of Maison & Objet – the trade fair dedicated to lifestyle, decoration and design – he has expert knowledge of both the French and international markets. He will be responsible for organising the Apparel Sourcing Paris, Avantex Paris, Leatherworld Paris, Shawls&Scarves Paris, Texworld Denim Paris, Texworld Paris and Texcare France (formerly JET Expo) trade fairs as from 1 April 2020.

Providing maximum convenience for visitors, Apparel Sourcing Paris, Avantex Paris, Leatherworld Paris, Shawls&Scarves Paris, Texworld Paris and Texworld Denim Paris belong to the cluster of related trade shows organised by Messe Frankfurt France, held in one and the same location, on the same dates and where entry is free upon presentation of professional credentials. All details about textile trade shows organised by Messe Frankfurt throughout the world can be found at the new platform :

Background information on Messe Frankfurt:
Messe Frankfurt is the world’s largest trade fair, congress and event organiser with its own exhibition grounds. With more than 2,600* employees at 30 locations, the company generates annual sales of around €733* million. We have close ties with our industry sectors and serve our customers’ business interests efficiently within the framework of our Fairs & Events, Locations and Services business fields. One of the Group’s key USPs is its closely knit global sales network, which extends throughout the world. Our comprehensive range of services – both onsite and online – ensures that customers worldwide enjoy consistently high quality and flexibility when planning, organising and running their events. The wide range of services includes renting exhibition grounds, trade fair construction and marketing, personnel and food services. Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, the company is owned by the City of Frankfurt (60 percent) and the State of Hesse (40 percent). For more information, please visit our website at: * preliminary figures 2019 
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